Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Some Silhouette Vinyl Projects

 I've got one of those fancy pants vinyl cutting machines, but its a Silhouette (not a cricut!)
So it seems when I've got it out, I do a bunch of stuff with it.  These projects are all from last spring.
The onsies were a request for an expectant mother who wanted to announce with the one on the right.  That was fun, because I was one of the first to know!

E and Mini have the same kind of brush, but E doesn't like to share, so I decorated Mini's

 I made the towels as gifts for a wedding that E and WD were invited to.  (I also made a bunch of versions last Christmas for family, just never documented them)
 Got a new van in the spring, so it needed some additions.  I did fix the L....  (seriously everyone drives my kind or color of van, I can never find it in the lot)
 Been organizing some, and thought vinyl looked nicer than my handwriting in sharpie.
 And lastly, I found these cups in IKEA and decked them out as end of the year teacher gifts.

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OPQuilt said...

Great ideas in this post. (I feel sort of out of the loop, but what does "trainging" mean in tandem with the Avengers onesie? Is it a move they make?)