Monday, April 30, 2018

Gridster Bee - May is my Month!

May is my month to be Queen Bee for the Gridster Bee that I'm in.

I think its perfect since it is my birthday month, too.  What a great way to celebrate - getting blocks from bee mates in the mail!

This month I am asking for house blocks.  (Have you noticed how popular houses seem to be on social media?

I was looking for a (free) pattern, but preferable not one that everyone else was doing.   I found the perfect house blocks by Julie of Intrepid Thread.  She did a quilt along almost two years ago called The Pixie Summer Home Quilt.

The first house block can be found here on her website - There is a link there to download the pdf.

My version looks like this:
Maybe a little more like a tent with a cat in it - but still fun.  

The  second house pattern can be found on this page.

My version in orange with more cats.

OK, beemates.  Here is the deal.  I am asking for one each of the two houses.  You will receive the background fabric from me shortly. (Its in the mail)

The houses can be any color combination that you like - I'm aksing that you put some fussy cut images in the windows and doors.

Following is a short guide on fussy cutting.   I'll start with the bad examples - things I've learned by trial and error.
These were the first couple of houses I tried out.  While I love Hello Kitty and Snoopy - the fabrics are really too busy to work.  It is hard to single out what you are looking at and there are too many cut off faces.

I made a window to help with previewing for fussy cutting.  This is also not great.  The flowers don't really stand out from the background and would look like just another patch in the block.

 This was a fussy cutting mistake I made a while ago with hexies.  What started as a flower turned into an eyeball!!

 So now a few photos of better planned fussy cutting:
 I really think it helps to make a little window for previewing.  Flip-flops

 A bee (of course)
Even Snoopy would work with a smaller frame. 

Thanks so much -  May promises to be a great month!


doodlebugmom said...

love it!

Needled Mom said...

Got my fabric today so am looking forward to making these.

carolg said...

Can't wait! I've been keeping an eye out for good fussy cut options!

OPQuilt said...

This sounds fun, with all the fussy cutting--thanks for giving us such great blocks!

Allison said...

I received my fabric and I am so excited to play with these blocks! Especially the fussy cutting!

QuilterinMotion said...

We just arrived at our summer home base yesterday afternoon. There was no fabric in the mail, so I have a day or so of reprieve to get things sorted out here.

I'll be looking for some fabric good for fussy-cutting in the meantime.

Cute houses and they should be lots of fun to make.