Thursday, January 4, 2018

Wait for me...... A Mystery Quilt Catch-up Post

Bonnie Hunter runs a mystery quilt project each year beginning on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  This year I knew I would have the time to do it.  I was ready!  I was caught up for like 3 weeks.  And then life.  Christmas, family, etc.  The last clue was released on Jan 1.  That was final instructions and reveal day.  There are many people who are already done with their quilts, you can see them all over social media.   I am here to share my progress as of Jan 4.

Oh, if you decide that you want to do the mystery quilt, too.  You can still stop by Bonnie Hunter's blog and get the clues, but they won't be up forever!

 If you are unfamiliar with how these mystery quilts are run, Bonnie gives color guides based on paint chips, because you can pick them up pretty much everywhere across the USA.
 These top two were my initial fabric pulls.
 Bonnie asks that we not share numbers or sizes.  These were clue #1.  Lovely nine patches.
 Bonnie has her own tools, or tools she prefers, she also gives "normal" cutting directions.  I was pleased to discover that my easy angle did the job.
 Pieces for clue #2 laid out.
 My first goose.  Had to make it and measure it.
 On to the rest.

 I got a little over excited cutting strips for the next clue.  Lesson learned, cut, count, then cut some more.

 So much chain piecing.

 Pieces cut for the next clue.
 Chain piecing and pressing.

 This was the last time I was caught up.
 Things got stalled around these brown geese.  The best thing about these geese above?  They are "nearly vintage" browns I received from a dear lady at church.  Got 22 triangles out of her scraps.
 This is exactly how things looks as I'm typing this evening.
The pink on the edges is my temperature quilt that I'm also trying to finish up for 2017 while I debate about doing 2018.
This is how the fabric pull looks now.  I'm not entirely convinced that I've made a dent :0

Bonnie is a huge proponent of leaders/enders.  This is my current project.  The green squares also came from the church friend.  They were 5" pre-cut.   The cream is from a charm pack I had laying around.  Just a fun and easy 1 patch.  Ultimately destined for charity, I'm sure.



Needled Mom said...

I was caught up until they came out with daily clues. lol Remember....there is no hurry as the next clue doesn't come out until next Thanksgiving!!!

Alison V. said...

I have everything through clue #4 done (because it was before we left to travel for Christmas!) and I have the cutting done for clues #5-6, so I empathize with you completely! When she started doing the daily clues, I knew there was no chance for me to try to catch up.

Judy H said...

I didn't realize until this morning (5th) that it had been revealed! I've been in my own little world. I have the previous clues cut out and in various stages of completion. Guess I will be sewing today!