Saturday, January 6, 2018

A Flannel Christmas Quilt

Last July at our Guild's rummage sale I picked up this kit and pattern for a mere $5.  (original price at a store: $40.25)All the fabric was included, even backing!!  I couldn't pass up the deal.  My long term goal is a Christmas quilt for each bed in the house, so I figured this would help me along the way.

I pre-washed all the fabrics.  Its flannel after all, and boy does flannel shrink. 
So much that I wasn't able to get all the cuts out of each piece that the instructions called for. (unless it was meant for a smaller size than I was making - I admit, it could be user error)

Anyway, I got the blocks, and borders together.

Did a bunch of creative piecing to help make the backing.
Even including some selvedge sections.
Here is my backing laid out,
And the top.  But the story isn't over yet.  I realized that at this size it wouldn't cover a twin size bed very well, especially after quilting, so I added more borders, which meant that I had to make the backing bigger, so....It did not get done in time for Christmas.    It is patiently waiting for a day to get basted, but at this point, that will probably happen after my mystery quilt is put together.  And all that adds up to "someday".  Hopefully before next Christmas!!

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Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

This is a gorgeous quilt - really snug and Christmassy. Also a great price. Here in the UK $40.25 would have a bargain! I hope you get it finished for next Christmas. Happy New Year :)