Thursday, May 18, 2017

Really Random Thursday 5.18.17

Let's get back into this blogging thing, eh?  A few pics of randomness to get started.

The 10 year hexie project: I completed all the 8s into 16s in Florida and am working diligently on 32s now.  I should end up with about 60 blocks of 32s.  Then I'll do a layout and take stock.
Baseball season has started. I do my best to go to the home games.  WD moved up a level, so he's "Majors" now.  Colorado Rockies is the team.  At least they don't have white uniforms this year!
WP found a penny in the gravel driveway and worked for a couple of days to find the date.  1983.  that is one well used penny.
Mini can dress herself as evidenced here.  As Mr. Riley pointed out: at least she matches.
She also has a bit of a cold so had a hard time sleeping flat in bed.  Alf came over to take care of her in the chair.  He was purring like crazy here.

More blog posts in the works, I promise!

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