Friday, March 31, 2017

100th Day 2017

 100 day was actually a couple months ago already at my kid's school.  In fact, they just started their last quarter yesterday!  But I wanted to make sure I had a record of what we did for posterity.  I was determined that they would win prizes this year!

First up is Si who was a 100 pip Lego.  The secret?  Plastic shot glasses.  (oxymoron?) Really.  We glued them on with E6000.  Then spray painted the whole box green.  Number 100 is actually on his head.
I dipped on of the shot glasses in a darker green to make the "bottom" of the Lego block. He got a first prize!

WP had a coat made of those air bags that come in mailed packaging.  After Christmas we easily had 100.
A little clear packaging tape and some time - et voila!  He got a second place.  We were all disappointed.  The popping of the coat was great fun, though.

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