Monday, February 13, 2017

Random Projects

A few random projects I've been working on.
Mending.  No fun at all, but Mini really loves this dress, so I fixed a tear in the lace.
This is a wrap towel I use when we go to the YMCA.  I am always afraid it will get tossed in the Y laundry since its white.  I sewed some orange ribbon on it to make it more visible.

Still working on the hexies - the Ten Year Project.  Si turns 7 this year - so I've got three years left to get it finished!
I have received all of my Spelling Bee words.  I have a list of seven more that I want to add before I put it together.

 I pulled this old cross stitch project out the other day.  It is clearly almost done.  I quit because I couldn't do french knots.  I know how, now, so I really must get this done.  You are supposed to couch yarn on the front, but I think I will skip that part.  Just need to finish up back stitching. 


Needled Mom said...

Your words look wonderful together. Mending is seldom fun sewing.

The cross stitch is so close to being finished. You'll have it done in no time now.

Regina said...

The orange ribbon is a great idea!! That is the biggest cat I have ever seen, so I can not up vote that project!