Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Secretary Make Overs

I wasn't really sure what to title this post, so you'll just have to read on to understand what I'm talking about.

I have two different secretaries in my dining room - each is used differently.  I use one as my china cabinet, and one as a sewing and office supplies cabinet.
 Secretary number 1.  I used to have the glass door covered with silver wrapping paper - from the inside. 
And I would tape ideas and such on the inside of it.  The paper was getting ripped up and there were a couple other things I wanted to do in the room - so it was time to make some changes.

I replaced the wrapping paper with this bee and crown fabric - and then decided I also wanted to cover up my pre-cuts mess.
Helper cat.

The door fabric is unhemmed - just cut to measure and taped on with masking tape.  The curtain is hemmed and attached using sticky back Velcro. 
This is secretary number two  It is a little hard to tell, but the door on this one is curved glass.  I use this one to show off my mother's china.  And yes, I do use it occasionally.  The downside to this piece of furniture is that two of the drawers are missing.
 This is what it has looked like all the years we've used it.  I have been meaning to make a curtain for it forever, and actually it was the fabric that finally pushed me to do all these little projects.
 And so a curtain for the secretary.  Again, just a hemmed square with sticky back Velcro.
 Finally, we also have built in cabinets between the dining room and kitchen.  Very nice and handy, but no one wants to see the mess.  I also had the wrapping paper up here, but as you can see, it was coming off.
 This is where I keep my cookbooks - so not terribly tidy, and not really something I want everyone to see.  Although you're seeing it now.  But you know what I mean.

 I taped up unhemmed pieces of fabric on these doors, too.  In hindsight, you can't really see the print, so a plain fabric probably would have been a better choice, but hey, its done and I even did them all before Christmas Dinner.

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Unknown said...

Nice! But the question is, are cats really EVER helpers?