Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I've Got the Blues

Actually, I'm having a pretty great summer.  Lots of trips, lots of family time, and even a little sewing here and there.  This Quarter, however I get to choose the subtheme for my Art Quilt Group: Four-in-Art.
This year's main theme has been color (or colour, depending where you live).  As a recap we've had Microscopic, Music, and Purple Passion.

And so:

I've Got the Blues 

I can see a lot of opportunities with this idea.

Shades of Blue.   
 Things that are blue.
By Scott Schopieray - Fresh Michigan Blueberries
 Being blue

 Or being Blue
 Or possibly having the blues

 What ever your inspiration, the reveal will be November 1.




Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

Thanks, Rachel. Another very challenging theme! I'm glad we have plenty of time to ponder but I'm already looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with :)

OPQuilt said...

This sounds great--so many idea of mine parallel yours, too.