Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Vintage Simplicity 8285: House Dress

 I know that I showed you this vintage pattern I picked up ages ago.
 I finally got it sewn up.  Actually back in May. 
Fun things about this house dress.
The fabric is vintage polyester double-knit.
 The lace is from the stash I inherited from my mom.
 The binding lace is also vintage.

 It turned out pretty big, I wouldn't wear it as a regular dress, ever.  But it's a nice extra layer when I'm cold (not lately).  And it gave me a laugh to sew it and my kids think its awful, which is also fun.


OPQuilt said...

This is great--for all the reasons you mentioned! It's like a short robe for summer, and I'm sorry they went out of style. Which shows you how old I am.

Anonymous said...

I made myself a bunch of these out of seersucker in the summer of 1973, when I was pregnant with my older daughter. They sure were nice in the summer heat of Las Vegas!

Regina said...

Rachel sweetie, your kids might think that house dress is a joke but when I saw the pattern I was thinking, I wonder if I could sew that!!! That dress is fire!! My daughters tell me 'fire' is hip talk for the best. Don't tell them I said hip talk!!!! Those pockets are the VERY BEST! And big? No honey, it is roomy and the extra room makes it more delicious. My grandmothers in Alabama always wore house dresses at home and I love the very thought of them! Thanks for giving me a chance to walk down memory lane. I am typing this with a smile on my face and a belly full of sweet tea!