Thursday, April 7, 2016

Really Random Thursday 4.7.16 The Bees Knees

 For the last couple of weeks, its been all about the Bees.
 Prepping Frames, Building Frames
 Putting foundation in frames.
 Painting hive bodies.  Inside when its cold,
 And outside when it was warm enough.
 I've got all my stuff, the bees are on the truck from California as I type this.  As of Saturday, I will bee an official Beekeeper.

 In other randomness, the chives came back on their own this year.
 And when I'm not bee prepping, I've squeezed in some quilting.

 And this scares me and makes me laugh.  For 100th day, WD's teacher put their photos through an app to age the kids.  I think that he either looks like an old woman, or old Frodo from the Lord of the Rings Movie. (he's 10)

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