Thursday, January 28, 2016

Really Random Thursday 1.28.16

 Serious Randomness today.

 I was emailed this announcement a couple weeks ago.  Totally funny, the post that gets all the hits is from 2011.  And I didn't do a lot of jewelry then and hardly ever now.

 Was super proud of myself for remembering bags (I'm so tired of plastic) Didn't appreciate the snarky bagger - why do they act like its such a big deal?  I found out later that I am supposed to get a $.05 credit for each bag, too. 
 100 day of school is tomorrow. I have decided that its arbitrary, because really, how is it always on a Friday? Anyway, one kid is ready.  One is doing his own, the other I will help this afternoon.  E has aged out.  I'm not disappointed.
 Found a random baby fish in the tank yesterday.  It happens sometimes.  They don't ever seem to last long.
 We have commenced full on potty training.  M sort of directed it herself, so no going back!  She is actually doing great.  But is bare most of the day.  We keep the heat up a little more for her sake.
 We are officially Y members now.  Which is good.  Every single one of us needed a key card though.  Its somewhat ridiculous standing there scanning them all.  The Lego Ewok was a gift from my kids.  He needed a job and this was perfect.

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Live a Colorful Life said...

Great randomness this week, Rachel! Aw, potty training. I think my son and daughter-in-law are going through that as well....