Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Flip Flop Quilt Finish aka Endless Summer

This quilt was a long time in coming.  Partly because of me and partly because of E.  She is the one who chose the pattern a long time ago.  In hindsight, maybe not the best choice for a first quilt?  All the tracing, cutting, gluing, cutting, ironing was pretty tedious for a 9-12 year old.
When August rolled around, I had all the quilting done for the quilt, and I told E that it absolutely had to be done before school started at the end of the month.  And she did it!  Although by finish it, it really just needed the binding put on.
She did help me bury all the threads, though.  It sure is a lot faster when someone else is helping.
She picked out all the fabrics.  In case you were wondering, blue is her favorite color.  And a fun Hello Kitty fabric for the back.
I zig-zagged the applique parts with a clear mono poly from Superior threads as part of the qulting.  Then did circles within circles on the sashing and borders.

It was pretty funny when E was all done with it.  She started pointing out all her mistakes, and didn't really even want to look at it when she was finished.  So I just folded it up until I was ready to put on a hanging sleeve and label it.
She was, of course, overjoyed that she won a first place ribbon at the show.  The best part for me? (besides being hugely proud of her accomplishment) is that since it was "quilted by other" and that "other" was me, I got a blue ribbon, too!

She is now planning her next quilt.  I think my secret plan is working.....

The details:
Quilt pattern is from Quilts for Kids by Fons and Porter, sort of.  We used the applique pattern, but did our own setting.
Quilting is Aurifil and Superior Threads
Batting is Fairfield cotton
Finished size: 52" x 59"


Beth said...

Endless Summer, indeed. The memories will also last be everlasting. Hooray for both of you!

Danette said...

Awesome quilt!