Monday, August 3, 2015

The Princess and the Pea construction notes

 Saturday I shared my Third in a Series for Four In Art, Fairy Tales, Princess and the Pea.

Today I'll talk a bit about my process.
 I had decided quite a long time ago that this is what I wanted to do.  I usually do a sketch out of what I'm thinking, mostly for a size reference.

It's funny, once I started drawing the ideas flooded in on how I wanted to do this mini.
 My notes scribbled on the paper. 

 First I made the stand along mattresses.  Selvedges sewn with a layer of batting and a thin backing material.  When I laid it on the background material, I decided it would probably be best if I quilted the background first, since everything going on top was embellishments that would be a pain to quilt around.
 Minis are great for Frankenbatting.
 The background quilted and ready to go. 

 The next day.... (you can tell by the better lighting)  I added a lace bed skirt and some bed posts.
 Now, the ladder.  It is puffy paint drawn onto wax paper and peeled off. 

 I worked perfectly.  I did let it "cure" for 72 hours, like the bottle recommended.

 In fact, it worked so well, I made two.  Actually, the first one was too short.  Oops.  It was fine.  I kind of like the more rickety looking ladder anyway.
 I used Aleene's Glitter and Gem glue to secure the ladder in a few key places.  I knew I could never draw the ladder directly on the fabric and have it turn out OK.  No where to go if you screw it up.
 Let's see, what else.  I originally just had the brown wooden beads on the top of the bed posts, but they needed something more, so I added more beads.
 The pillow is a layer of fabric and batting sewn and then turned right side out.  I ended up stem stitching around in red to make the pillow pop.  Otherwise it blended into the background.
And there you have it.  The Princess and the Pea.



cute and bright idea

OPQuilt said...

Ah, the secret of the ladder is out! and I love it--you are so clever. That's probably why reading about all your sewing projects is so fun, too. I think the embellishments really "make" this little quilt--a good case of where more is more (thinking about the bed post beads). Again, I totally plan to steal some of your ideas when I have to make bee blocks for a bee-mate who is doing a fairy tale theme. Keep it up!


Betty said...

Love this and thanks so much for sharing the secret of the ladder - love that puffy paint stuff and yep, wax paper would do it! Great deconstruct!