Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pin Cushions and Bead Pins

 I am the chair for our Quilt Guild's upcoming Show Boutique in October.  As such, I have been watching for and making cute, fun, attractive, and hopefully easy projects.  Both for examples and also for sale.
 I made the above bead pins.  E6000 plus some beads and some pins = fancy bead pins.  The pin cushion is something Mr. Riley picked up in an antique shop for me.

 Cute butterfly bead pins. 
 I also made the cup pin cushion.  Once again, E6000 plus whatever you want to glue together.  The cushion is a piece of coffee colored upholstery scrap sewn and stuffed in a ball and glued in the cup.

 Fancy glass bead pins.

 And a pin cushion made of a Limoges piece of porcelain.  I love thrift shops.
 Fun, cute, easy, and hopefully good sellers.  I have been collecting more items to make pin cushions.  I'll share them when I'm done.  Or maybe a few weeks later, when I get to blogging. Hah!


Regina said...

Rachel, where do you shop for your beads? I intended to ask at guild.


OPQuilt said...

I use my fancy bead pins to help hold quilts on my design wall, or blocks or things like that. How fun you are doing all these things for your guild--and love the pin cushion cups!