Wednesday, April 15, 2015

WIP Wednesday 4.15.15

 Tax Day in the USA.  (ours have been done for a while...)

Not much in the way of quilting this week.  Instead, garment sewing.  Sometimes I really appreciate the satisfaction of a quicker finished product. 

First, sewing for the girls. 
 I've had the purple fabric for a while.  I think I may have bought it for myself.  Anyway, decided to sew for E and then as I was cutting, realized there was quite a bit extra, so then decided to go Matchy-Matchy for the girls.
 They are both finished, I'll have to get them to model this weekend.
 I've got PJs cut out for me.  I haven't sewn for myself in quite a while.  This should be a nice quick project that I can get done today.
My current hand project is outlining the petals on my Wisteria quilt.  Good thing I have until July!

 Tomorrow I will share quilts from a local show that I went to and entered.  I'll share pictures and explain why you should enter shows, too. As a teaser, here are the four comment cards for the four quilts entered.  I'll let you try to match the comment with the quilt.  BTW, two of them are Third Place Winners.

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Renee said...

Your wisteria quilt is looking better and better! Such a lovely piece. That PJ pattern looks really comfy! Two third place prizes is pretty good, congrats!

Mindy said...

My guesses:
Top left= #1 with black background?
Top right= #2, Red Christmas tree?
Bottom left= #4, WD's, right?
Bottom right= #3, Temperature quilt?

Congratulations on the 3rd Place wins!