Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Let's Talk Hexies

A real life friend was chastising me for not blogging lately.  I guess its been nearly 4 weeks.  Yikes.
So let's talk hexies today.  I finished sewing all the hexagons into groups of eight.  And then I did a total count.
 Those cards separate groups of 20.
 Total?  1,672.  What happened to the other 431?
 Well, 408 are in the above quilt.  If you've been around for a while, you may remember that I had cut out a large chunk of papers that were the wrong size.  Off by about 1/8" of an inch.  When English Paper Piecing, that might as well be a mile.  So I pieced all those larger hexies into the above quilt.  It is on the "quilt sooner than later" list. :)  In a way its good, though, because it will give me a chance to try a faced binding to preserve the hexie edges. 
 There are also a few random ones floating around of both sizes. 

The moral of today's story?  I'm back to basting hexies.  I will pull the scrap box in a while.  I have some other hand projects that I want to work on first.  This is, after all, The Ten Year Project.  I've got Five years left!

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Ethan and Moriah said...

Great job on your hexies. Sort of the never ending project, huh?!

After all the grief I gave you about not blogging, I am just now getting around to reading them!