Monday, March 16, 2015

Feathered Christmas - A Finish!

 Feathered Christmas is done! As in, all the way done.  Bound, labeled, and all the offending stitches colored in, done.
 This is another Cherry Blossoms Quilt pattern, just like the Feathered Wreath quilt I did.
 The back.  I pieced that lovely snowflake fabric - from Connecting Threads - which is why it goes two different directions.  Its the back.  Who cares. 
 I even took the time to do a fancy pants embroidered label.  I should do this more often.  As in all the time. 
 The quilting in the center is a nice little loop-de-loop freemotion.
 The applique is raw edge with button hole stitching to secure.  I did this part before the quilting, so as I did the free motion, I also went around each appliqued piece to make it stand out more.
 The sides are a random wavy stitch, which you might recall I went back to fill in another set of lines.  I also quilted around each square in the inner border.  This is where coloring my stitches came into play.
 The corner where all the wavy stitching overlaps.  This way I don't have to pivot nicely. (weird blue picture effect, sorry)

 Quilted and pieced by my trusty Aurifil threads.  Looking a little less robust that when I bought them, but lots of life left in those spools!
The details:
24" x 28"
Fabric: The reds are a couple of batiks.  Incidentally, the white is a white on white, that is the wrong side up.  I got crazy with ironing down the appliques and then realized I had done them on the wrong side! So from there, I just had to make sure that all the white was wrong side up!
Batting is a Pellon cotton.
Quilting, applique, and piecing threads: Aurifil  Red #2250 and White #2024
 All work on this quilt was done by me!

I'm ready for Christmas!  (not really, it was near 70 today and AMAZING)


Cassandra said...

Gorgeous! This is a very striking quilt, and I love the fabrics you have used. I would have never known that the background fabric is "wrong" side out- internal consistency wins again!

Mindy said...

It looks wonderful!

Hope you enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air. =) It somehow made it more bearable to get through the rest of our 'real March' weather.

Regina said...

Rachel I really like this. I have seen this pattern for a few years but was always intimidated by it. Seeing your raw edge applique with the button hole stitch looks VERY doable to me :)

Are you interested in selling the pattern since you are done with it? We won't be having the guild rummage sale this year so you'd have to just store it. Hold on, wait a minute. Did you already raffle it off? It seems I now remember a blog giveaway you had. If so disregard the above paragraph :)

P.S. I love the new "I'm not a robot" check box that I am seeing on blogs lately!!!!!!!! I could NEVER read those stupid letters in order to verify my humanity!

Lorrie said...

Really stunning! An heirloom piece, for sure.