Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WIP Wednesday 2.4.15, Plus a Review of Needles

 So, what's happening this week in the sewing/quilting world of the Life of Riley
 First up, a finish I shared on Sunday of the first Four-In-Art quilt for the year.  Red.
 Second, I've been sewing up infinity scarves like a crazy woman.  I've tried pretty much every kind of fabric I can get my hands on.  It works in all of them.  For me personally, I like the thinner knits.  The top middle is out of fleece for my daughter.  There are a ton of tutorials out there, I'm not even going to bother with one, but they sure are easy!  Most of these will be going to the Guild Show Boutique this fall.
 Third, the Temperature Quilt has been quilted.  HOORAY!  I am burying threads before I square and bind.  Which brings me to a little review.  In the past I've used the calyx eye self threading needles or large eye embroidery needles to bury the threads.  They each have their own issues.  With the self threaders, the threads can easily shred, with the embroidery needle, you have to take the time to line up the thread tails and then get them through the eye.  So, I ordered two kinds of easy side threading needles.
 I bought both of them from the same supplier.  The Sench needles are made in China.  They are less expensive and you get more of them in one package.  The Spiral Eye needles are made in America.  I ordered these on a Friday afternoon and received them in the mail on Monday, great service.  I spent some time burying threads last night, trying both kinds of needles.
 My personal opinion?  The Made in America Spiral Eye needles are the best.  They have a more complex eye to help prevent the thread from sliding back out (it will happen occasionally, though), but what I noticed most is that the Spiral Eyes were smoother through the fabric and sharper.  I've got a method now where once I have the needle threaded, I grip the eye end between my fingers to prevent the thread from sliding back out and it works quite well.  Much more preferred than the old self threaders or embroidery needles!

I've also been working my way through Color Play by Joen Wolfrom.  Enjoying it very much.  Also enjoying the fact I used a half off coupon to get it!

Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced, because it gets me blogging at least once a week!

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