Friday, February 27, 2015

Random Stuff on a Friday

 This post will be a good representation of my brain right now.  I've got so many ideas and things I want to do.  I spent the last two nights going through ALL my fabric.  Well, almost all.  I still have a couple small boxes - and the ones in the barn.  I folded everything and put them so that I can see them and in clear boxes.  Yay!  Hopefully it will be easier to see what I have and use it up!

 I've been collecting neutrals for a quilt, but went ahead and filed these with the rest of the fabrics - I don't think its going to be started any time soon.
 I pulled purples for my wisteria crayon challenge.  Looking forward to starting this soon.
 Pulled a backing for what I call my 'Hexie Baby' quilt.
 Found the prepped label for Miss M's quilt.  The quilt has been done since before she was born.  I need to get the label on!
 Planning to do a wee bit of destash on IG.  I've got some Tula Pink I know I won't use, some cats and more.
 A friend gave me this length of fabric she bought off Spoonflower.  I think I'll be using it for a sewing machine cover.  It's too fun to cut up.
 I really need to finish these chickens for the boutique.  I think tonight!
 This bag is ALL of my 2" strips that I've been saving up.  I foresee an ugly quilt in the near future.  Perhaps two.  I'm also thinking that this might be a great project for E.  I might even get the other sewing machine out for her.

 And my absolute favorite find of last night, my very, very first quilt block ever.  I actually still kind of want to make a quilt out of this block.  I definitely have better skills to figure it out, now.
 Check out the amazing seams and hand stitching.  I think its fair to say I've learned quite a bit in the last 16 years or so since I made this.
Here's to finishing up some small things so I can start on more!
Enjoy your weekend!

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Mindy said...

Look at you! What a great 1st block. I'm really impressed by all your organizing, too. =)