Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Adventure Panel for the Girls

This was a pre-Christmas finish, but I'm finally getting around to blogging it today.

 My LQS sells bundles of fabric scraps by 5 pound bags occasionally.  And by scraps I mean fairly good sized pieces - probably the end of bolts and such.  A while back I bought one of those bags and found this fun panel in it.  I think its been sitting around for at least a year, but I knew that it would be great to hang in the girl's room.

 Also in the bag were to the two flowered pieces.  The inside one obviously matches, the outside one has the same kind of drawing, but the colors are just a bit different, so I inserted the narrow pink border.
 The whole thing is quilted in a clear mono-poly by Superior Threads.  Love that stuff!  The bottom is Bottom Line, also by Superior.
 The back makes me want to try a whole cloth quilt some day.
 I used a cotton sateen for the back.  It is woven more like a twill, very soft.
 It is hanging in the girl's room, now.


Leanne said...

The Cori Dantini drawings are so great, I have some of her Christmas fabrics. Your little quilt is lovely!

Mindy said...

Beautiful! What a fun hanging for their room. =)

Vicki said...

This little gem is so sweet! I can imagine that your girls are thrilled.