Thursday, September 4, 2014

Simplicity 1551, Green Sylvan Elf

 When miss E saw Simplicity 1551, she immediately pounced on it and asked to be an Elven Princess.
 We looked at a few color options, once I vetoed white, and settled on a lovely green.  I broke all the rules making this dress. I bought a lightweight knit jersey instead of a woven, so I wouldn't have to install a zipper.  I also didn't follow the layout instructions, I turned the pattern pieces up or down, just to make them fit.
 E measured a woman's size 8, except that I had to flatten out the bust.  She has literally grown inches this spring and summer. I also did not cut the bottom of the dress according to the pattern.  I did not want it dragging around on the ground everywhere.
 We did buy some theatrical elf ears, but she decided to go without.
Even with measuring and trying on, I still had to pin out a couple inches at the neckline to make it stay on her shoulders.  On the plus side, she can wear it for a couple more years.

 Not the best picture, for a number of reasons, but as you can see, we took the sleeves and tied them up as a belt for the better part of the day.

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Danette said...

She looks really COOL at the Renaissance Festival! Love it!