Thursday, August 28, 2014

Really Random Thursday 8.28.14

 This morning was absolutely beautiful.  Open windows cool dry breeze.  It won't last, but it sure was nice.  The school schedule is so good for our family.  It gets me up earlier in the morning, and the house stays neater!  The kids have less time in the day to make a mess.  And really, the two younger ones hardly make any mess at all.  I suppose its relative.

This pic makes me happy.  E fills my computer with all sorts of things like this.
 Quilt design and inspiration everywhere - even Cotton Candy (candy floss) booths.
 Last weekend my  20 y/o nephew came to spend time with my kids.  It was great.  It also tells you what a wonderful guy my nephew is.
 The birds are packing on the pounds ounces.  I've been filling the feeder about once a week.  They are eating way more now than the spring.
 A stack of fabric, all pulled from my stash, destined for skirts for E.  Just a few more obligation projects, and then I have some major freedom.
 Not sure what I'll sew, but these magazines have been a source of great inspiration.  Oh my, does this woman, Jenny Doan, have an amazing mind.  I'm not sure which I like more, reading the stories with each pattern, or the brilliant pattern design, but I'm really enjoying these.

I did sign up for my first swap ever. (sign ups are over)  Waiting for my intro email so I can start stalking my partner and making plans.  I can't wait!

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OPQuilt said...

Okay, because of you, I just subscribed to BLOCK magazine. I'd picked up the first two in a quilt shop when I was traveling, and loved them (not that I did anything with them--I just like Jenny Doan and her approach).