Wednesday, July 16, 2014

WIP Wednesday 7.16.14

 This week's WIP Wednesday is all about the kids.
 WD finished his quilt top.  There was some sweat and tears, fortunately no blood.  You may be able to tell what his favorite color is....
 He chose this vintage Mickey and Donald fabric for the back.  It came from my stash by way of my Grandmother.  It is just a few inches short, so we'll add a green piece to the back, but otherwise is perfect.

 E has been working on her quilt as well. Nothing like a little sibling competition.  She's got just four more flip flop blocks to fuse.  Then we'll choose some setting stripes, cut and assemble.
 Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced, where you can see other's WIP's as well.


Regina said...

Rachel, what fusible is E using? I have been working on my applique and am always interested to hear what products work for people. Thanks.

Marsha Cooper said...

I'm seeing a lot of those flip flops and they are so cute!

Vicki said...

Lots of work going on in your place! How exciting to have the kids working on quilts.