Monday, June 2, 2014

Trying My Hand at Paper Piecing

It has probably been about 10 years since I last tried paper piecing.  I'm not finding it any easier now than it was then.  The whole thing about working backwards-my brain confuses.
And the waste, oh, the waste.  Hurts my Dutch sensibilities.
So this was my first attempt.  It is OK, except for that little piece I had to add in the top corner. 
Star #2.  I am starting to figure it out. 
I also figured a way to go a bit faster and waste a little bit less.  I was cutting out piece by piece, loosely by scissors.  Since I am doing a number of these blocks, I figured out how to do multiple piece cutting.  Now, I'm sure that all you experienced paper piecers figured this out long ago, but I was pretty proud of myself.
All my background pieces are ready to go.  On to the star pieces...

I have to say, I more thoroughly appreciate you all who do intricate paper piecing!  Any tips would be pretty appreciated.


Tanyia said...

I have not done any really intricate paper piecing yet, but I do enjoy it. I am not so guilty feeling about the scraps as I save them and maybe one day...eventually lol, I will do something with them! I like your stars, though :)

Regina said...

I knew you would get the hang of it!!

I love the sharpness of the points and spikes in paper piecing but the fabric waste and the taking the paper off is the pits!!!!!

I am not doing the 5 pointed star challenge but each time I see someone complete this block I want to do it :)

I saved the pattern for a later date though :o

Vicki said...

Really nice star. I'm am terrified of paper piecing. Someday!