Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Temperature Quilt thru May

 So here is the temperature quilt.  All done through May!  That last week was getting pretty warm.  (the mosquitoes have hatched in abundance!)  I am still in love with this quilt and the idea in general.  I've decided to also record temperatures while we are on vacation.  Since we will be 'living' in a different place, I'll record the highs for where ever we are.  Then I'll piece them and put them on the back.  There will be at least three strips of vacation temps, so that will be kind of fun.  As usual, details are *here*
In fabric news, why is it, that I have lots of fabric, but never exactly what I need.  Thus, I had to go purchase some navy fat quarters.  I did have two of these already.  Now I'm set for more paper piecing.  I've probably spent too much time on that today.  I should really be cleaning and packing, but hey, I've got two more days to do that, right?


Little Ella Lu said...

I love watching your temperature quilt come together. It is so lovely and inspiring.

Vicki said...

This is such a great quilt idea. It is looking great.