Friday, April 11, 2014

Vintage Chevron Quilt

 I have in my possession this old chevron string quilt.  The Question I am posing to you is "What should I do with it?"
 As you can see it has been well used.  Do I try to repair it?  Should I just hold on to it for posterity/historical interest?  (cat photo bomb) 
 This section is the worst.  I'm not entirely sure what the batting is made of.  It almost seems to be a blanket of some sort with a mesh fabric over it.  The quilt is tied.
Here is a shot of the faded back.
Any thoughts on what to do?


Vicki said...

What about a couple of cushion covers with a lot of quilting, to hold it together? Repairing seems like a way to daunting of a task.

OPQuilt said...

I have about three quilts like this. Two I have no idea where they came from--or else I knew and forgot. The last one was one my mother helped her mother make, and learned to sew on. It's too fragile to use, so I just keep on keeping it.

You pose a hard question!