Thursday, April 24, 2014

Random Thursday

 My week in Random
 We had a large oak tree come down last week, taking out a few smaller trees on the way down.  It took three days of work to get it cut up and cleaned up. 
 I should have put something on the stump for size reference.  I am standing on another one to take this picture, and we estimate about 120 rings (years).
 Now that the cat quilts are done, I've been doing some cleaning and planning on my next projects.  I came across this stack of Dutch inspired fabrics I bought a couple years ago.  Still waiting for the perfect pattern to come along.
 Doesn't it have the best selvedge?  Wooden shoes!
 Speaking of selvedges, I've started saving them.  Can't say I ever thought I would.
 Had the kids' pictures taken a couple of weeks ago.  Its pretty hard to get 5 pleasant looking kids all at the same time!
 I had to buy this one!  If you know my boys, this is a once in a life time moment!
 And the girls, of course.  M looks like she needs some convincing.  E is photogenic as always. (I might be biased.)

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Maryse said...

One of these stumps would make a nice side table...:)

M-R Charbonneau said...

Aw, your children are adorable. I have three boys too and trying to get them to smile and look at the camera at the same time is a trial every time.

Unknown said...

Hi Rachel, I have almost an identical stack of Dutch (Delft fabrics) in both the blue and the multi colour. I haven't decided on the right project yet either. I'll keep my eye on your page for inspiration.

Mindy said...

My boys were jealous that they didn't get to help out with the wood fun! ;-)

What beautiful family pictures! I'm impressed that you got everyone smiling and looking the same direction. =D

Live a Colorful Life said...

We used to be part owners in some rental cabins up in the mountains by a lake. Some of the trees were diseased and had to be taken out. One of the guests that year was an arborist and he made a rough calculation of the age of the tree based on the rings--somewhere around the late 1700s. It was amazing.

Your kids are so cute.

And yes to saving selvages! Those little wooden shoes are super cute. If you ever decide to part with that selvage, I'm your girl. :)

Sarah said...

Big tree stump! Are they naturally growing oaks or planted there? Great photos of your kids! The one of the boys is gorgeous.