Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Baa, Baa, Green & Blue Sheep

OK, I admit this post has nothing to do with sheep.  But I have been sewing with fleece a lot lately!  Here are most of the results.
 E got a new bathrobe and as a bonus some fleece pants.
 WD got a bathrobe.

 And a pull-over.
Why so much fleece?  Well, apparently, after many years of sewing, I still can't read a pattern envelope.  I asked for the yardage amount for 45" fabric, not the 60" wide that is fleece.  And then, the lady at the counter sold me on the remnants at the end of each bolt. So.Much.Fleece.
 I used McCall's 2949 For the robes and pants
Simplicity 3935 For the pull-over.
I've still got one more project to finish for E, then I will put the rest of the fleece away.  Yep, I've still got at least a yard left of each. *Sigh
I have had my fill!


Unknown said...

1 yard or a little more makes a nice baby blanket for charity. I use two pieces 36 X 48. Sew a stitchline inside the edge about 4 or 5 inches all the way around. Then cut fringe on the outside about 1 inch wide all way around. Takes about 45 minutes. I've made quite a number from all the fleece Lucy gave me.

Mindy said...

Oh crazy about the wrong amount purchased... but cute results! =)