Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WIP Wednesday 5.22.13

 An upcoming WIP!  I finally found my inspiration for the Guild's Show Challenge with these horrid lovely Stonehenge Earth tone fabrics.  The catch?  We are supposed to make a quilt that represents something we like/love about the area.  When I moved here it was March.  Wet, cold, brown, mud, in the middle of a school year, and my second move in two years.  So while those fabrics actually fit that description, not exactly a winner, eh?  The rules say we must use at least a quarter of each piece of fabric.  I think that's totally manageable.  In fact I will need more of the brown (I know!).  Not mud, I promise.  My last catch?  I probably won't reveal this quilt until after the show...I mean gotta keep those winners a secret, right?
This one just needs a binding!  It might even get finished before we leave tomorrow.  This particular quilt has reached the 'get it done and move on' status.  More about it when I can do a finished post.


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