Thursday, May 30, 2013

Loading up the Hexies

 My readers that have been around for a while know that I've been working on my '10 Year Project' of English Paper Pieced Hexagons.  My goal is 2000 basted hexies for a queen size quilt.  See that paper up there?  I am up to 1659.  Less than 400 to go.
All my papers are cut and ready to go and I've been prepping like crazy, because I can EPP in the car!  It doesn't make me car sick to do it, like reading would.  I'm not sure why, maybe because I've been doing them so long, I barely have to look to do it any more.

Anyway, many hours in the car = hopefully lots of done hexagons on my return.  I'll keep you posted!

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Judy H said...

congratulations on only 400 left. I am 'thinking' about hexes for a hand project.