Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Crazy Brights in HSTs

Wednesday is traditionally WIP Wednesday.  I won't be able to link up, since we're traveling, but here is one of my WIPs.

A while back when I was splurging on Craftsy mystery boxes, I ended up with three charm packs of the same prints.  They are actually about 6" square, instead of the usual 5".

 I have no idea who the designer/company is.  The charm packs weren't even exactly all the same.  So I think I may have been shorted a couple of squares.
Back when I was procrastinating on the Pink Fairy Quilt, I pulled these out and sewed them into half square triangles.
 A couple of optional layouts.  They haven't been sewed together yet.
 I am leaning toward this bottom layout and I'm thinking of turning it into a bag of some sort. It is just too crazy for me to be a quilt.  But a bag, I can see that!

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Judy H said...

Or maybe splitting up the blocks with some white and use the HST's to make a design. Would tone down the colors a bit. Maybe a pinwheel pattern with white.