Thursday, April 25, 2013

Random Thursday, Really

 Today's randomness is really about people.  I guess I didn't take too many pictures this week of just life.

 In case you were wondering about 'The bump'.  And no I'm not arching my back.  My rear tends to grow along with my belly!
 Planning on taking this shot actually forced me to do a really good cleaning of my room.  Including washing the glass doors, cleaning off surfaces, and dusting!

 We found a really fun shower at the local hardware store.  Two boys and Mr. Riley are in there.  'Beam me up, Scotty'
 E took this picture of me.  It's not horrible.  Bit too much flash so close to my face, though.
 Of course, then she had to take a whole series one of herself.
 We burned over the weekend.  With 10 mostly wooded acres, there is always stuff to pick up, cut down and burn.  WP would happily stand and poke the fire all day. 

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SarahZ said...

Congratulations on a new baby to be!!!! This is such a sweet post! We love to burn a fire too...often!!!