Friday, April 12, 2013

Making Plans

I have been making plans, in my head that is.  I think today I shall share them and perhaps it will give me a good check list and keep me motivated.  (or something to look at and ignore)

 This is part of my motivation.  In some ways it seems like a really long time.  In others, not so much.
 Must finish this weekend!  Four pillow covers and two duvet covers for a friend. 
Next week's project.  A friendship star quilt in turquoise and yellow for the kid's violin teacher.  Last lesson is 4/22.   I would really like to give it to her in person, pre-baby.
Here is my fabric plan (more or less).  The Fireworks will be the center, the yellow: the stars, and then scrappy turquoise, which looks blue in this picture. I have a one week time frame to get this done.  Since the blocks are 12", I may cut it down to a 3'x4' quilt, which is still pretty big.

The next week will have to be my next Four-in-Art Quilt.  I have gathered supplies over the past few weeks - on to assembly!
Then, E's quilt.  I have totally stalled out on this one.  Poor girl. 
I plan to add some Mickey Mouse Silhouettes to these T's for our upcoming (epic) trip.  More on that another time...  Deadline for these is May 23, although I'll have plenty of car time for embellishing, I suppose.
Crayon challenge quilt.  They are due by the end of July.  Since baby is too, I should really get this one done.  12" x 12" or 8" x 10", so not huge, but I want to do well, since they are auctioned for charity!

And this is our weather.  No sun since last Sunday - and those two days shown with sun?  Still mostly cloudy.  Perhaps I will sit under the Ott Lite and absorb the full spectrum rays.

The biggest problem with all of these 'have to's' is that I look at all my other fabric and get the urge to start something new!  Must Focus!

What are you all working on these days?  I seem to hardly keep up with blog reading, let alone commenting.  My biggest challenge today will be meeting a potential cello teacher and a stop at the grocery.  Maybe I'll get in some sewing time.....


Heidi Grohs said...

I keep avoiding my have tos also. Especially bc I don't have deadlines. Recipe for disaster for me. I need clients to put my feet to the fire!

Letterpress said...

Yeah, I've got my Four-in-Art cut out. And there it sits, stalled. I'd better get going on it before the next stack of English papers come in to be graded!