Monday, February 11, 2013

Top(s) finished

Its time that I start getting some backings prepped, baste, and start quilting.
I've got 7 tops ready to go, in a pile.

2 Fairy Quilts
2 Ugly Quilts
1 Cat Quilt
2 Baby Quilts

 I finished the Crazy Cat Quilt Top over the weekend.
Yep, its a bit crazy.  :)
It will be the perfect couch snuggling size when its all done.

I also got the 9-patch part of the blocks done for the disappearing 9-patch quilt along our guild is doing.
 Now I have to cut them up again and piece the top.  I am way ahead of schedule, since we're not sharing until July - although I highly doubt I'll be at the July meeting.

I will probably end up making two of these, since I still have a pile of squares to piece, but in a different configuration.
I started with 6" squares, so those top 9-patches are 17.5" square at the moment.  24 of them.  Should be a good size quilt.  And the flowers and stripes in the corners?  Vintage fabric.  Probably not even 100% cotton.  But fun, nonetheless.

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Marilyn said...

That crazy cat quilt top looks really cute. I too am trying to get quilt tops actually quilted. I set a goal of doing at least 2 per month. So far so good.