Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pillows Finish

Nothing quite like the routine of having the (2) kids back in school.  House guests gone.  Shopping over with.  Time to breathe, and time to sew!  I've finally had the chance to sit and devote some time to my sewing machine and various projects. 

The first up to finish: The rest of the Christmas Pillows.
 Yes, I realize Christmas is now two weeks past, but I really needed to finish these and get them out of the way.  And quite frankly, these will probably stay this way for a while.  The four square pillows are all new, so they will need new 'every day' covers before I can take off the Christmas ones.
 A quick review of how I made them.  Essentially a whole cloth quilt that's been folded into an envelope.  The edges were hemmed and then sides were sewn up.  Voila - pillow.  I didn't even bother with measuring.  I did pre-wash the quilt sandwich before construction the pillow cover. 
 The Red and White ones all have various straight line quilting, the green just got a large all over meander.  Hooray for a finish.  At least they'll be all ready for next Christmas.

I also figure for all the basting and quilting I did.  I should have just made a whole cloth quilt.  But, I am pretty happy with the pillows.

I have gotten some questions about the Red & White Fabric.  I got it at IKEA a year or two ago.  The selvedge says 2010 - so doubtful that you could find it now.

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Kristan said...

Pretty! I love the straight line quilting on the red ones. Nice job!