Saturday, December 29, 2012

Quilters Land Cruise Class

I might have mentioned a while ago that I was asked to teach a workshop for Quilters Land Cruise.  It is a two day affair put together by one of my fellow guild members.

Well, I was certainly flattered, and agreed.  I even developed a pattern for it.  Specifically my Windows Quilt.

  Based off of my original one for my son, but made easier by starting with charms and smaller than the original.
 So why am I mentioning it here?  Well here's the thing.  The Quilter's Land Cruise is On March 1, 2 & 3, 2013, but so far, no one has signed up for my workshop.  If no one does, I don't get to teach.  :(  So I guess I'm doing a bit of self promotion.  There are also some other really great workshops offered over the weekend, and the goal this year is to have actual time to work to complete projects - or at least get close.  I am convinced that in my four hour workshop you could go home with a close to done, if not completed top!

The location is a super nice hotel, right on the waters of Lake Michigan in downtown Racine, WI.

If you are anywhere near South Eastern Wisconsin and interested in taking my workshop or another, you can find all the information at this website.  Quilter's Land Cruise 
 You can find the class link at the bottom of the website or click here.



Leanne said...

I'm far to far away to come, it would be fun to take a class from you. I am certain there will be a full house, there is lots of time to sign up still.

Ethan and Moriah said...

I was planning to attend - I have your brochure on the bulletin board. I didn't realize we needed to sign up this early (I guess I haven't read that much of the brochure!) Anyway, I'll sign up later today!