Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WIP WED11.14.12

I wish I was one of those people who can start a project and finish it, without moving on, quitting, or otherwise get distracted.  I'm not.  Here are my many irons in the fire this week:

 I found this kit on sale at my LQS.  Back in the corner.  Good sale stuff back there.  It is an advent/perpetual calendar for December.  I've always wanted to make one.  It came with backing fabric, too!
 Been wanting to make this wall hanging in some version for 2 years.  Guess I've got Christmas/winter on the brain right now.  Who needs Thanksgiving?
Pulling fabrics for a Very Special Project.  Do you approve, Moriah?
 Finally getting this one quilted.

And two finishes for the week!  I'll get this one posted soon.  My second Windows Quilt.  And I'm close to getting the pattern written!
And the Ombre quilt is finally done!  Full Post found here.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly PiecedAnd Lastly, I'm off today to hopefully finish quilting the Christmas Quilt.  Then just trimming, and binding....before December.  Sounds like I'll be watching some movies this weekend.


LynCC said...

Fun, fun things up here, Rachel! I'm the same way - I have to work in a cyclical fashion with several projects. Can't stand to stick with just one from start to finish unless it's a super simple item. Love the advent calendar - that was a great find. :D

OPQuilt said...

Looks like you have winter on the brain, and I have autumn! But we're behind you in the seasons, as our weather just now turned colder (rain on Friday is predicted).

I love your finishes, and your projects look fun, too. I like the advent calendar project--we had one for years and it was great to have around (I finally gave it to my daughter last year). I may have to make a new one!


verpa said...

I love your ombre quilt. It´s gorgeous. The mittens are great too.

Becky said...

Love the ombre quilt! I had the same idea to make something like that, only with my scraps! Maybe this'll motivate me to do it! Good job!

Ethan and Moriah said...

I approve!! Love the fabrics and all your other projects too.

Nita said...

Ohhh lala! I l-o-v-e the ombre quilt!