Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Quilted Moose

Whenever we head up north, or any where on vacation,  its fun to find the local quilt shops.  In Sault Ste. Marie there is a cute little shop called  The Quilted Moose.

 As I was browsing around, I found this fabric.  Porcupines!  It was rather fitting.  You see, our dog has now had two run-ins with porcupines on our trips up north.  Both times, Ajax 'won'.  As in the porcupine was killed.  However the first time was over 1000 quills removed by the vet.  The second was less, closer to 600.  Anyway, who knows if I'll ever see porcupine fabric again, so I picked up a yard.
 I also found a pretty stack of fat quarters.  Do you ever feel obligated to purchase something?  Its a small store, the owner was right there, and two of my animals were with me.  This is a stack of 'Audrey' by blank quilting.  I've never heard of them before.  But I figure it was fate.  My mom's name was Audrey.
And then, the owner threw in a little role of charm squares, for free!  They had had a store hop the weekend before.  They actually turned out to be 5.5" when I started cutting.  I have no idea what the line is.  But they are cute.

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