Friday, November 9, 2012

Half Way Hustle

50 days gone, and 50 days to go!  Oh my, where does the time go?  That means more like 40 days 'till Christmas.  EEEK!

Here is how my hustle has been going:

1. Ruby Windows Quilt - quilted and bound    Finished!

2. Tulane Windows Quilt - Quilted, binding half done.

3. Ruby Baby Quilt - quilted and bound   Finished!

4. Ombre Quilt   Finished!
Really wanted to have a picture for you here.  But so far the weather is not cooperating.

5. Made in Cherry Christmas Quilt- loading this one on the long arm today!

6. Four In Art Quilt   Finished!

7. Gift Quilt - Top is pieced, backing is ready, time to baste.

8. Pioneer Sampler - Prepared the backing, ready to baste.

9. Asian quilt  - Hard to get motivated on this one.  We will see.....

So, that means I've completed 4 on the list.  I've got 4 more in various stages of completion.  Only 1 that I haven't even pulled out to look at. Not too shabby.  I am confident in finishing the Gift Quilt, the Christmas quilt, and the Tulane Quilt.  The Pioneer Sampler and Asian quilt will be moved to the bottom of the list.  Oh, wait, they're already there.  Hah!

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Foster said...

Wow---you've gotten tons done! I especially love that art quilt. Beautiful!

Barb in Mi said...

Yes, wow is right for your progress!

kat129 said...

Very busy quilter! I noticed only quilts - no real small projects - a quilt purist almost. I would wish you good luck for the next 50 days but I feel you don't need it! You nailed the first 50 days. But good luck anyhow :-)

Kelsey said...

Seriously awesome project! Love that Ruby quilt :)