Monday, October 29, 2012

U.P. Trip 10.2012

It is soooo good to be home.  I love to get away, but I am ready to be home!  This was our longest trip from home out of all of them this year.  By the end I was itching to come home.  I could show you dozens and dozens of pictures, but I have pared it down to an even dozen.  For now.

 Throwing Rocks at the quarry
 And a little swimming, too.
 Au Sable Dunes near Grand Marais, MI.  I love this spot.
 Biggest sandbox, ever.  We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to be there.
 This is at the top looking down to Lake Superior.  The turquoise and red blobs are two of the kids.  WD actually carried/threw up a 5 pound rock to the top. Sisyphus.
 Such a beautiful day.
 That evening we camped at a campground on the shores of Lake Superior.  This is about as sandy of a beach as you can find.
 We picked up a few rocks.
 Found these tracks in a gravel pit.  Deer followed by wolf/dog/coyote?
 One of the warmest days peaked at 64, so we headed to the beach.  This is Lake Michigan.  I have never seen the water level so low.
 It made for good wading and playing, though.
 The next day was significantly colder!  We went out to cut wood.  The boys helped.

 I've got lots more pictures, I'll throw in some more here and there.  I've got to pick a quilt and post it for bloggers quilt festival, and get some things done for the weekend.  There is also a mountain of laundry to do and Halloween to get ready for, and 327 blog posts in my reader to read!

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