Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIP Wed 6/13/12

Lots of things going on around here.  A couple are even fabric related!

 The upstairs of the garage is painted!  All by me.  Two coats of primer and one coat of Hallman Lindsey Eco White.  A plug for Hallman Lindsey (they don't know me from Eve) - great paint, the eco even smells nice, coverage is excellent, price is reasonable AND they are a Wisconsin company.  All around good!
 Here's a shot of the outside.  Now we just need to purchase the paneling and put in the floor.  And trim, and light covers, and....At least my job is done.
 Been doing lots of planting: Herbs, tomatoes, peppers and flowers.  Too many flowers, really.  Running out of places to put them.
 I did manage to finish up four quilts!  I'm not quite ready to show you the fronts, though.
 Gingham is still uncut.  Today, though, today!
 And I'm tea dying some linen.  I was informed that 'rangers don't wear white.'  If this doesn't get it dark enough, a box of brown Rit dye will be tried.

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