Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mini Hexagon Flower Pin

 I made this little flower pin for my MIL for Mother's Day last month.  I thought of writing a whole tutorial for it, but I'll just tell you how I did it, instead.  The hexagons are paper pieced; size .5" on each side.  Yep.  there is a bit of stuffing behind the hexies which I appliqued to the felt.  Just a few beads in the middle for contrast and sparkle.
 Attach a pin, and done!
I absolutely love the tiny hexagons.  I am thinking of trying a mini quilt in the mini hexies.
As for my 1" hexagons, how about an update?

 914!  Almost halfway there.  With all the traveling I'll be doing this summer, I think lots of hexagons will be getting sewn up.

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OPQuilt said...

Oh, man! You are really cooking along. I'm sort of stalled on my hexie projects, but need to get back on them again. It's so nice to have hand work in the evenings while watching a movie or something.

Hope you are going somewhere fun this summer, and good luck with all of the kids out of school.

:) Elizabeth E.