Friday, February 17, 2012

Unfinished Friday

No finish it up this Friday!  I haven't finished a thing.  I blame the Legos.

Anyway, I have been working on Si's quilt.  His birthday is in one month!  Unfortunately I didn't follow my own sketch and need to do some unsewing today.

On the plus side, since I am making this thing from scratch - out of my own head.  I am going to put a tutorial of it up when I'm all done.  Which leads to a question - does anyone know how to make a downloadable PDF?  Its one thing to have a post with all the instructions, but I figure it would be easier to have a PDF you could download and print.
This is how it looked while I tried block layouts yesterday.
Off to find the seam ripper.....

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melsdaisypatch said...

I use microsoft word. On the newer version you go into save as and it gives you a choice to save it as a PDF file. Hope that helps.