Thursday, February 2, 2012

Star Sheet

This was one of those projects I've wanted to do since the boys got their bunkbed last year, and kept finding other things to do instead.  WD got some of those glow in the dark stars for Christmas and we've been hanging them up and making constellations, so that gave me the initiative to get this project done as well.
 A new night sky for WP.  (bonus points if you can identify the constellation).  It is made from an unhemmed piece of polyester fleece-type material.  The stars are cut from white polar fleece and sewn on with glow in the dark thread.  It looks pretty cool at night!
 This is what WP's view is since he has the bottom bunk.  Not too pretty, and I don't want the kids messing with the mattress and sheets.
 All hung up and cozy!

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Letterpress said...

How'd I miss this post? This reminds me of my boys and their bunkbeds. Once a sheet of star stickers came in a cereal box, so I split it in half and the kid in the top bunk decorated the ceiling and the kid in the bottom bunk decorated the underside of his brother's bed. Then they told me they needed MORE stickers, but I told them--only on the ceiling. So we mail-ordered some more and they collaborated on this accurate depiction popcorn ceilings), complete with asteroid field. It stayed there for 15 years, until they all left home and we repainted the bedroom.

We still have stars in the other two rooms, and when the grandchildren come, they like to "charge" them up with the lights and see them glow in the dark.

I think your idea with the banners is a great idea. Thanks for letting me have a trip down memory lane!

Elizabeth E.