Friday, January 20, 2012

Jeans Recycle

 I bought some jeans for Mr Riley from the thrift store a while back.  They turned out to be too small, and a broken zipper - so after moving them around for a while, and desiring a quick & easy project, I whipped out some pants for WP.

 I used Simplicity 4833.  Out of publication now.  Why this one?  I used the same pattern for the flannel PJs.  It was already cut - and its the kind of pants pattern that only has one piece.  No side seams!
 I took off the original back pockets and moved them to the side.
 And sure, they're a little long.  But what's the point of making something if they can only wear it for 2 weeks before they grow out of it.

The Southern Institute


Ethan & Moriah said...

Awwwwww! These are so cute!

the girlfriend gap said...

He looks like he LOVES them. I love what you did with the pockets.

Anonymous said...

Really cute!I like the replacement of the pockets and the darker patches where they used to be. I love the simplicity of the pattern (no pun intended).

~Beth D. said...

i think they're great! love when i can recycle!