Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Flannel PJ Pants - For the Family

I've always wanted to do the 'New Jammies for Christmas' thing and this year it worked out.
 I started Christmas Eve, Eve and finished them Christmas Eve Morning.
Patterns used were Simplicity 5271 for the bigger three - for the smaller two Simplicity 4833 - which seems to be out of print, now.
The bear going down the side of the pants is a pocket.  That's what happens when you don't follow layout directions.  And you don't care enough to cut new pockets.

You may notice that there are 5 pairs of pants and we have 6 in the family.  Well, in the interest of not overbuying, I thought for sure I had enough flannel in the stash to make myself a pair.  I was wrong.  Oh, well.
I purchased inexpensive thermal shirts for everyone to match the pants.

The following are crazy Christmas Morning pictures of the kids in their Jammies.

 They all ended up too big, except Mr. Riley's.  I guess that gives them room to grow.


Wee Little Birds said...

such cute PJs...love the polar bear fabric

Mindy said...

Looking very soft and cozy. =)