Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Block Exchange Part 2

Some explanations that I probably should have included yesterday:  We all started with the same inspiration colors.  In this case it was a piece of wrapping paper.  We all had to make the same block pattern:  Jacob's Ladder. Because there were so many women who wanted to participate we broke up into two groups: Those that used Batiks and those that used 'Traditional' Prints.  Yesterday's post were the batik group quilts.  Today's are the traditional prints. 

 These two had some similar ideas (top & bottom)
 Love the quilted flowers with yellow button centers.
 Following is a top and back.  Amazing.

 Taken apart and put together in a very interesting way!
 Top is the back, bottom is the front.  Embellished with buttons.

 Precision Piecing!  I heard she remade some of the blocks.  I'm glad I wasn't in her group.....
 Top is the back, bottom is the front.

When mine is completely done I will share it with you all.  I need to quilt the borders and sew down the binding.  Maybe tonight.....

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