Monday, June 6, 2011

The Circle Skirt

I had this skirt in mind for quite a while.  Ever since my step-mom gave me this pile of fabric, free.
I used the circle skirt tutorial from MADE.
 On Matilda, I rather like it.
On me, not so much.  Admittedly not the shirt I would wear with it, but besides that, I think it is rather a bit too 'fluffy' around the hips (or maybe its me that's fluffy).  Matilda measures the same as me, however, she hasn't had four kids.

Moral: Well, I did wear it to church already once.  I don't know if I'll wear it again.  I think circle skirts are for women with no hips, and children.


ShannonSews said...

Cute skirt! Isn't that a great tutorial? I've totally got to make one of these skirts for myself this summer!

SharleneT. said...

Hello from Creative Me Monday! Circle skirts were really big when I was growing up and you did need some height to get away with them -- although, they do sew up fast and are not bad for when you need the room! But, you still need bloomers...

Anonymous said...

I love the colors! I've made one for my daughter, but I haven't made one for myself've inspired me! :)