Monday, April 4, 2011

The Insanity Increases

So I was explaining to Mr. Riley how terrified I was to start sewing together the quilt.  I really am, what if I mess something up?  It's going to be judged.  Plus, as the youngest quilt guild member, I kind of feel like I have something to prove!  He suggested that I make a 'practice quilt'.
So here we are, a half size practice quilt.
*edited.  Actually I think it is quarter size.  Half as tall and half as wide.  Never was great at fractions....*

And we've had some miserable children this weekend.

Hope you are all feeling better than we are!


Unknown said...

They all looks so pittyfull (miss spelled on purpose). . . and still you sew. Amazing! or is it Dutch stubbornness?

Mindy said...

Oh no!! I was so afraid they'd get sick. =( Are you doing better yet? Awful.